Full SSL service is an alternative way of obtaining certificates. It is designed for customers who need certificates on a regular basis.


  • A certificate is created using Secure Manager service portal, which is familiar for Telia Company VPN and Mobile Gate customers. It is possible to view certificate information using Secure Manager in addition to ordering new certificates.
  • A server certificate is enrolled by an authenticated user as self-service. Time-consuming checking of customer information and call-back by Telia Company are not needed.
  • A certificate is ready-for-use immediately without a delay of several days.
  • It is not needed to input same customer information several times when ordering several certificates.
  • New domain names are added with Secure Manager. Telia Company checks and accepts the ownership of the requested domain name. After acceptance it is possible to start enrolling certificates.
  • An agreement is necessary between Telia Company and customer.
  • The way of billing is agreed when ordering the service.

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